Mind Map Tutorial

How to Mind Map

In this tutorial we will take you through the process of Mind Mapping, step by step, After which we recommend you try your own Mind Map.


Take a large, blank sheet of paper in the landscape orientation (long edges top and bottom, short edges at the side). In the middle of the paper draw an image that represents the subject of the Mind Map (in our example “Marketing”). Use at least three colours and do not draw a box around it…


Add main branches connected to the central image radiating outwards. Each branch represents a different sub heading, key idea or aspect of main topic. The branches should each be a different colour, should taper as they radiate outwards and be organic looking (like tree branches). Each one has an image or single word printed on it…


Add sub-branches (or trigs) on the ends of the main branches. These add another level of detail – Related ideas or sub categories. These should be curved, just a single pen stroke and again have single words or images placed on them. Make sure that the line length is equal to the word (or image) length…


Add another level of sub-branches, as before. Use arrows or symbols to link related ideas…

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