Variable Types in C: Auto, Static, Register and External – A Brief Guide

A Technophile's Indulgence

Apart from the regular types that a variable may have, like int, float, char, et cetera, there are a set of other qualifiers which may be added onto this in order to give the variable scope of the variable, whether that is local or global. A variable may have only one of these additional qualifiers at once.

The first of these types is auto, and it isn’t terribly interesting. Indeed, the auto type is very rarely specified, as it is the default for any place where the declaration is legal, and invalid elsewhere. An auto variable has local variable scope, meaning that it is only “visible” or can only be accessed and changed within the function or block in which it is declared. An auto variable disappears when it goes out of scope, freeing the memory which it was declared with, and any subsequent declaration of…

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